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Newsflash: Our Self Tan Eraser Gel has been tried, tested, and approved by Bondi Babe Isabelle Clarke!

Are you ready for a fresh start? Hit reset on your glow with our Self Tan Eraser Gel, now available worldwide! Its hydrating formula removes unwanted tan in just five minutes, with no scrubbing required you'll be prepped, primed and ready for a fresh tan in no time. Specifically formulated to remove self tan without stripping the skin, our Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser Gel helps you create the perfect base for a fresh tan.

Ultimate Bondi Babe Isabelle Clarke walks us through her weekly wash-off routine and how she preps for the perfect self tan below:

Step 1: Getting Started

You’ll know your tan is ready to come off when it gets “a bit crusty” as Isabelle put it. Now it's time to freshen up, spread a generous amount of the Self Tan Eraser Gel all over the body (or just where you want to take the tan off). Isabelle makes sure to rub in the formula, allowing it to settle into the skin so it can quickly get to work lifting the stubborn Self Tan off your skin.

Step 2: Marinate O’clock

Once applied, simply set your timer for five minutes, and watch Self Tan Eraser Gel work its magic! To fill the time, head over to the Bondi Sands TikTok page where you can check out our latest trends and products (WARNING: you may lose track of time!)

Step 3: Watch It Disappear

After five minutes jump into the shower and wash the Self Tan Eraser Gel off thoroughly. If your tan is extra stubborn or you just want to feel squeaky clean, use our Exfoliation Mitt while you’re washing off, these two products work perfectly together to give you a clean base, ready for fresh self tan.

Isabelle shared her tan removal secrets which include ensuring your skin is rehydrated after tan removal, her favourite product for this is our Coconut Body Moisturiser. She also recommends waiting 24 hours before applying a new layer of tan “to give the skin time to settle” before you’re good to go again.

We promise ‘Wash Off Wednesday’ and ‘Tan-Day Thursday’ is a routine to live by!

Why Isabelle Loves Our Self Tan Eraser Gel

Isabelle’s skin can be a little bit sensitive which is why she loves this product as it’s not too harsh and removes tan easily without excessive scrubbing that can strip the skin. Leaving her feeling silky smooth it creates the perfect base for a fresh tan. If you loved our Self Tan Eraser Foam, you've got to try this one!

Watch Isabelle’s full routine on our YouTube Channel here and check out more of Isabelle’s favourite products and self tan routines in her guide to Self Tan & Face Contour.

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