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Skincare issues such asblemishesor dark circles are a common frustration for everyone. However, with a few handy tips and someskincare essentials, you’ll find the perfect balance for healthy-looking and radiant skin. Let’s get started…

1. Dark circles 

Dark circles happen to the best of us. So, what are the causes, and how can you reduce their appearance?  

Common causes of dark circles 

There are a few reasons why you see dark circles under your eyes, including:

  •    Eyestrain 
  •    Fatigue 
  •    Dehydration 
  •    Too much sun 

How to avoid dark circles 

The great news is you can typically reduce dark circles with a variety of treatments, including:

  •    Quality sleep and try to stick to a schedule to reduce tiredness
  •    Sleep with your head elevated slightly to avoid fluid build-up around the eyes
  •    Cut up some cucumber and rest them on your eyes to help reduce dehydration and puffiness (why does this work, similar to the below!**)
  •    Soak your eyes with tea bags – the caffeine and antioxidants help to improve blood flow and shrink vessels around your eyes. 
Eye Spy eye cream 

Start the day with radiant skin with the help of our Eye Spy Eye Cream. Each small drop contains nourishing ingredients, including vitamin C, green coffee bean and carrot oil to revive those tired eyes. Plus, with illuminating particles your eyes will look instantly brighter!

2. Spot prone skin 

Do you suffer from breakouts? You’re not alone. Check out the common causes and some ways to reduce them. 

Common causes of spots 

If you experience spots on your face, back, shoulders and chest, these are the most common causes: 

  •    Excess oil production
  •    Bacteria
  •    Inflammation of the skin
  •    Hormonal changes
  •    Blocked hair follicles 

How to improve spot-prone skin 

The best way to reduce spots is by creating a balancedskincare routine. This includes:

  •    Avoid scrubbing and using harsh products
  •    Try not to pop your spots as this can cause infection and scarring
  •    Cleanse your face twice a day using yourskincare essentials
  •    Wash your makeup brushes regularly
  •    Use non-comedogenic products (ones that don’t block your pores)
Fresh’n Up gel cleanser 

Our gentle Fresh’n Up gel cleanser is a perfect match for spot-prone skin. The soothing ingredients of Calendula Extract, Aloe Vera and Chamomile remove impurities and excess oils to leave your skin feeling refreshed and nourished. 

Buff’n Polish chemical exfoliant 

Is your skin breaking out, or are you experiencingskin purging? This happens when you react to active ingredients in your skincare. It’s a temporary issue, but using our Buff’n Polish chemical exfoliant can help resurface the skin to keep you glowing. 

Clearer skin bundle 

Say goodbye to blemishes with our Clearer Skin Bundle. It has everything you need to perfect yourskincare routine, including Fresh’n Up Gel Cleanser, Begin Again Vitamin B3 Serum, Daydream Whipped Moisturiser, Bondi Babe Clay Mask, plus an Everyday Skincare Headband. 

 3. Sun damage 

 We all love glowing skin, but too much sun can cause dryness, pigment changes and wrinkles. So, what’s the best way to prevent these issues?

 How to reduce the risk of sun damage 

There are a few ways to reduce overexposure to the sun, including:

  •    Always wear high-factor SPF and apply it as directed
  •    Avoid sitting out in it in the hottest part of the day – generally between 11am and 3pm
  •    Cover up with light, loose clothing & wear a hat

 Use suncare everyday 

SPF is a must to prevent skin damage even on a cloudy day. A great way to remember to put it on every day is by incorporating it into yourskincare routine

Your face and body have different needs. So choose the best products for ultimate protection. For example, our Sunny Daze SPF moisturiser,Sunscreen Face Mist and Lip Balm protect this delicate area. Plus, your body deserves the same attention. So, use our Hydra Protect SPF or Sunscreen Lotion, whether sitting in the garden or heading to the beach.  

Stay in the shade

The best way to keep your skin radiant is to head for shade. It’s natural to want to make the most of the sun, but overexposure can lead to dry, dull and damaged skin. 

Keep hydrated 

Don’t forget to drink at least two litres of water daily to avoid dehydration. Not only is this great for your health, but it also keeps your skin glowing all year round. 

4. Dehydrated skin 

Is your skin looking a little dry? It could be dehydrated! 

Why is my skin dehydrated? 

If your skin’s barrier is damaged, it can’t hold that essential moisture in. Factors that contribute to this include:

  •    Extreme temperatures
  •    Harsh products
  •    Air conditioning 

 How to hydrate my skin 

 There are a few easy ways to improve your skin if it’s lacking hydration, such as:

  •    Avoid very hot showers and baths
  •    Drink plenty of water every day
  •    Avoid air conditioning if possible
  •    Use gentle products on your skin


 Moisturising is an essential part of a goodskincare routine. For the best dose of hydration, opt for our Daydream Whipped Moisturiser, which is packed with goodies that leave your skin plump and hydrated for up to 72 hours. Don’t forget to complete your bedtime routine with our Sweet Dreams Night Moisturiser too.

5. Dull skin 

Does your skin look lacklustre and just a bit flat? You’re not alone. Many people get dull skin, but what can you do to revive it?

What are the causes of dull skin? 

If your skin is looking dull, it could be down to a few things such as:

  •    Dehydration
  •    Skimping on your skincare routine, especially moisturising
  •    Dryness
  •    Lifestyle habits (poor diet, smoking etc.)

How to brighten dull skin

Rejuvenating your skin is actually pretty simple. So, try these out to revive its condition:

  •    Exfoliate and moisturise regularly 
  •    Avoid very hot water 
  •    Avoid harsh soaps and detergents
  •    Add serum to your routine
  •    Use a face mask 
  •    Wear SPF daily 
Wonder potion hero oil 

Want to brighten your skin and keep that invigorated look daily. Try our Wonder Potion Hero Oil. This magic all-in-one formula soothes and decongests the skin, plus nourishes it with Sea Buckthorn, Calendula Extract and Rosehip Oil. 

6. Fine lines 

Skin loses elasticity as you age, so you might notice a few fine lines as you get older. However, it’s not just age that contributes to this process. 

Causes of fine lines 

Other factors that cause fine lines include:

  •    Sun damage
  •    Repetitive facial expressions such as frowning
  •    Lifestyle habits like smoking

How to improve the appearance of fine lines

While you can’t alter the natural ageing process, there are some things you can do to reduce the onset of fine lines.

  •    Eat a well-balanced diet and include vitamin-rich foods
  •    Use SPF daily
  •    Drink more water
  •    Use a retinoid skin care product 
  •    Moisturise 
Fountain Of Youth 

Fight the appearance of fine lines with our enriched  Fountain of Youth Bakuchiol Serum. This alternative to vitamin A works to smooth the skin and reduce pigmentation, leaving your face radiant and soft. 

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