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What does a day in the life of Australian model (and face of Bondi Sands) Steph Clare Smith look like? We asked Steph to give us the low down...

7:30am - WAKE UP

Roll over, kiss Josh (BF) good morning, call for Ari to jump up for a cuddle and snooze for 5 mins. Then I grab a tall glass of room temp water followed by a splash of water on my face before chucking on my gym gear to head to head out the door.


8 To 9am - Gym 

Everyday at the gym is different - I'll mix it up between boxing, HIIT, running and strength sessions followed by a shower and scrub a dub dub...

Makeup wise I'll chuck on some Bondi Sands Everyday Face Gradual Tanner and Clinique Fit mascara and that’s about it!


10am - Brekkie Timeeeee

If I’m home I love having my gluten free Keep It Cleaner porridge (which is now available at Coles!). Usually I'll add 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, cacao nibs and blueberries... sometimes a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt too!


During The Day

My days are always different, that’s the exciting thing about what I do but most days I’ll have a meeting or photoshoot to get to.

Instead of having a big meal during the day, I generally go for a big green protein smoothie at around 2/3pm in the afternoon.

I also like to take Ari (my dog) for a walk in the afternoon and probably snack on something like a Keep it Cleaner bliss ball.



Just say I’m shooting the next day... I'll usually chuck the Bondi Sands One Hour Express tan on (It has changed my tanning routine and I LOVE IT) then I'll cook and eat dinner - chill out - then grab a quick shower before bed! Favourite dinner... my pesto chicken risotto ;)

Check out Steph's tanning routine using our One Hour Express below:

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